FAQ Technique

How is the fire behaviour of RENOLIT REFACE?

The film is flame resistant (B1) of not flammable substrate.

Classification: C; d 0, s1 gem. EN 13501-1

How is the adhesion of the film?

The adhesive strength is higher than 15N/25mm after 24 hours.

Is a CE label required?

No, there is no standard existing.

Is a safety data sheet required?

No, RENOLIT REFACE is to use as a finished product.


RENOLIT REFACE ist ein "manufacture" and therefore not in REACH. The raw material that RENOLIT REFACE consists of are REACH compliant.

How ist the diffusion behavior of RENOLIT REFACE?

RENOLIT REFACE is breathable towards steam with a SD value of 3,88 m (explanation: SD=1 means open, SD=100 means not open)