RENOLIT PRINT – For Maximum Visual Effect

Print media, calendered films for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Bedruckbare Folien

The soft, calendered PVC films (gauge: 70 to 200 mµ, widths: up to 2 m) are principally manufactured in white, transparent or coloured with high-gloss, matt, satin or semi-matt surface finishes.  The films can be printed with conventional screen and offset processes for self-adhesive applications as well as with digital processes. Fields of applications are fleed graphics, vehicle wrap or customization, as well as POP applications like signs and indoor trade shows.

  • Digital Print Films
    For printing with all modern digital printing processes using PVC films and ink-jet printers using printing inks containing solvents.
  • Standard Films
    Directly printable with conventional (sheet-feed) printing processes. Furthermore: Base material for coating with special print primers, such as for the manufacture of films which are ink-jet printed with water-based inks. Available with monomer or polymer plasticizer systems.
  • Low Solvent Ink (LSI) Digital Print Films
    For printing with low-solvent printing inks. Offers rapid ink drying. For high resolution printing.