High Performance Films for MARITIME Applications

Film instead of paint – The latest innovative films from RENOLIT are setting new standards for maritime applications. The film specialist is thus offering solutions for the high seas as well as for inland waterways. Regardless of whether anti-slip, anti-fouling or other protective films, the innovative films from RENOLIT focus on maximum customer benefit.

RENOLIT is selling Maritime-Films to professional customers. Smaller volumes for private use can be purchased with our sales Partner.






The Biocide-Free, Sustainable Alternative

These biocide-free anti-fouling films made of silicone are an interesting alternative to conventional anti-fouling coatings. The films, which are available in transparent or in colours, offer years of protection for the hulls of vessels in salt or fresh water. Two additional benefits are of special interest: They offer significantly lower flow resistance compared to conventional anti-fouling coatings and they are sustainable because migration-free and due to the absence of biocides.


Anti-Slip Films

For Secure Footing on Decks

The anti-slip (up to R12) and wear-resistant films offer a secure footing on decks, stairways and everywhere else for maximum safety where there is a danger of slipping. Glass beads or granulate were integrated into the films for the best possible grip in slippery or wet surfaces. The flexible and self-adhesive films are very durable. If required, customers can even specific the colour of their choice. 


Protective Film "Smooth"

The Protective Film which Makes Vessels Faster and More Economical

These protective films for fresh water applications reduce drag on vessel hulls. Their low coefficient of friction allow hulls to pass through water faster and they also cut fuel consumption. The film resists weathering for ten years, is easy to clean and protects against algae encrustation. And if the vessel runs aground, the protective film also protects against abrasion caused by running aground on, for example, a sandbank.


Flock Film

Extra Protection for Vessel Surfaces and More

This extremely robust protective film protects hulls both above and below the waterline in sea and fresh water. But it is also suitable for off-shore installations such as oil and gas platforms and wind turbines. It even displays outstanding resistance to barnacle encrustation. The flock material makes the film particularly durable and protects hulls against light contact with sandbanks or concrete piers.