Our products are made in natural fibres to respect and save the environment. In our company we’ve created a politic system to preserve the nature since 1972, which makes all our products completely recyclable.
RENOLIT GOR spreads out  its skills even to the clients, that’s why we’re buying back the scraps, creating an important economical flip saving in this way on the scraps recycling.

We are considering environmental protection and workplace safety, health and hygiene as a moral commitment.

Below going to follow some important points.

  • Scrupulously respect, both in their contents and principles, all environmental laws and rules applicable, as well as the commitment freely selected as company’s policy belongs to the RESPONSIBLE CARE project;
  • Appropriately assess the environmental efficiency and pursue it’s a constant improvement, with compliance and current norms.
  • Ensure the healthiest, cleanest and safest workplace possible for both employees and third parties.
  • Where possible, minimize the factory and production activities impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Contain emission into the atmosphere and water discharges; drew yearly samples used to monitor the parameters stability;
  • Manage waste according to a priority list that privileges, where possible, the recycling and recovery of raw matter;
  • Select and identify all waste produced, assess their hazardousness and place them in the appropriate disposal container.
  • Supply employees, clients, authorities and the public with information concerning the activities related to safety, health and environment.